Reporting Injuries

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In-Season injuries/illnesses

If you sustain an injury, it should be reported to the athletic training staff as soon as possible. This can be done in person, by phone, or by email. The athletic training staff will evaluate the injury and take action as deemed appropriate. If an illness occurs and you seek treatment from Calvin College Student Health Services, you should notify the athletic training staff as soon as is reasonably possible. This is to simplify communication between the sports medicine staff and the medical personnel at Student Health Services, should your illness impact participation status.

Calvin College provides secondary insurance coverage for injuries resulting from injuries that occur during competition or supervised practice. You must report these injuries to the athletics training staff to retain this secondary coverage. Seeking medical treatment without prior approval from the sports medicine staff, execpt in an emergency situation, will result in a loss of insurance benefits. Please see the insurance page for more information regarding the secondary insurance policy. 

Out of Season Injuries

You are not required to check with the athletic training staff prior to receiving treatment for an injury or illness; however the sports medicine staff is available during the entire academic year. If you do sustain an injury that may impact your participation status, reporting the injury to the athletic training staff will help to facilitate the gathering of medical information necessary to clear you to return to full participation in intercollegiate athletics. The student-athlete is responsible for any and all costs incurred for the treatment of injuries or illnesses during out-of-season competition or training.